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$3.23 Million
Daycare Child Injury
Damages awarded for a child injured at daycare.
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$3 Million
Car Accident
Highway collision settlement.
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Our Iowa Motorcycle Accident Attorneys are Prepared to Travel to You

At Ball, Kirk & Holm, P.C., our Iowa motorcycle accident lawyers are aggressive, experienced, and results-driven advocates for injured riders. A motorcycle wreck can cause devastating injuries. You cannot rely on an insurance company for guidance during your time of need. Founded more than six decades ago, our law firm puts clients first. If you or your family member was hurt in a motorcycle crash, we are more than ready to help. Contact our law firm at our Waterloo office or our Iowa City office to set up your free, no obligation initial consultation. 

Give us a call at (319) 220-0416 or submit an online contact form to request a free, no-obligation consultation.

A Word from Our Clients

What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash in Iowa

Were you or a loved one involved in a motorcycle accident in Iowa? The aftermath is stressful, chaotic, and confusing. Sadly, no insurance company is going to look out for your best interests. It is imperative that you take a proactive approach to protect your health, your emotional well-being, and your legal rights. Here are four steps to take after an Iowa motorcycle accident: 

  1. Stop Your Bike and Report the Incident: Immediately after a crash, you should stop your motorcycle. With an exception for medical emergencies, Iowa law requires parties to remain at the scene and exchange information with the other people involved in the crash. Make sure that your motorcycle accident is reported to police, such as the Iowa State Patrol or a local law enforcement agency. 
  2. Get Medical Care as Soon as Possible: Motorcyclists are vulnerable. Considering the level of risk, your top priority after a motorcycle crash should always be your health and safety. All injuries must be evaluated by a licensed doctor. Not only is doing so a necessary measure for your own well-being, it is a required part of the personal injury claims process. You need medical records to support a motorcycle accident injury claim in Iowa.  
  3. Carefully Document Your Motorcycle Crash: Assuming that you are physically capable of doing so, you should try to proactively document your motorcycle accident. Take photographs of the scene, your motorcycle, the other vehicle, and any visible injuries. Note down the time, date, location, and weather conditions. If there were witnesses, politely ask for their contact information. The more details you have, the better. 
  4. Speak to a Lawyer Before an Insurance Company: Defendants and insurance companies are not on your side. They put their own interests above your interests. The best way to protect your rights is to navigate through the personal injury claims process with a top-tier Iowa motorcycle accident attorney. Your lawyer will answer your questions, investigate your crash, gather evidence, and develop a strategy to help you secure the best results. 

The Most Common Injuries Suffered in Motorcycle Accidents

Highway safety researchers estimate that 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in injuries to the rider. For reference, only around 20 percent of the occupants of passenger vehicles suffer reportable injuries when accidents happen. Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries in Iowa include: 

  • Road rash; 
  • Biker’s arm; 
  • Sprains; 
  • Strains;
  • Whiplash;
  • Concussions; 
  • Broken bones; 
  • Internal injuries;
  • Amputations; and
  • Spinal cord trauma.

Why Do so Many Motorcycle Accidents Happen

According to data from the Iowa Department of Transportation, approximately 900 motorcyclists are injured and 45 are killed in accidents in the state each year. Every motorcycle crash in Iowa involves its own unique set of facts and circumstances. Some motorcycle accidents happen at busy downtown intersections. Other motorcycle crashes happen on nearly-empty stretches of rural highways. A key element that most of these accidents have in common though is that they largely could have been prevented with due care. Some of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents in Iowa include: 

  • Left-Hand Turns by Cars: Cars making left-hand turns can hit motorcycles when the motorcycle is going straight. Too many drivers fail to notice motorcyclists. 
  • Speeding: Speeding impairment significantly increases the risk of an accident for all vehicles, including motorcycles.
  • Sudden Stops: Rear-end accidents can result from abrupt stops—either by the motorcycle or the vehicle behind it. 
  • Car Doors: An accident can occur when a driver opens the door of their parked vehicle in the path of an oncoming motorcycle.
  • Hazardous Road Conditions: Potholes, slick road surfaces, dead animals, uneven lanes, and other irregularities can pose significant dangers to motorcyclists.
  • Motorcycle Defects: In some cases, a defect in the motorcycle itself can cause an accident. A motorcycle manufacturer may bear liability for a crash. 

Understanding Motorcycle Accident Liability in Iowa

Iowa is a fault-based state for motor vehicle collisions, including for motorcycle accidents. For this reason, determining who is at fault in a motorcycle accident is absolutely crucial. The party—whether a motorist, truck company, or anyone else—who is deemed responsible for causing a motorcycle accident can be held liable for the resulting damages. Liability for a motorcycle accident is based on negligence, which is defined as the failure to take due care. 

Notably, Iowa is a modified comparative negligence state (I.C.A. § 668.3(1)(b)). If an injured motorcyclist is deemed partially at fault for their own crash, they can still recover compensation, but the amount will be diminished by their percentage of fault. A motorcyclist who is 20 percent at fault for a collision is 20 percent liable for their own damages. However, Iowa bars injured victims from recovering compensation if they are found to be 51 percent or more responsible for a crash. 

We Help Injured Motorcyclists Fight for the Maximum Financial Compensation

Following a motorcycle accident, injured victims need compensation to pay bills and support their family. In Iowa, you have the right to hold the at-fault party liable for the full scope of your damages—including for economic damages and non-economic losses. At Ball, Kirk & Holm, P.C., our Iowa motorcycle accident lawyers fight tirelessly to help injured riders secure the maximum financial recovery. A settlement or verdict may include compensation for: 

  • Motorcycle repairs or motorcycle replacement; 
  • Emergency medical treatment; 
  • Hospital bills and other medical expenses; 
  • Long-term physical rehabilitation;  
  • Lost income and lost future earnings; 
  • Pain and suffering & mental anguish; 
  • Long-term disability and/or disfigurement; and
  • Wrongful death of a family member.

Motorcycle Accidents in Iowa: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim in Iowa?

Under Iowa law (I.C.A. § 614.1), the statute of limitations for a motorcycle accident injury claim is two years from the date of the crash. With only extremely narrow exceptions, an injured rider must file any motorcycle accident injury lawsuit before the deadline expires. Otherwise, they may not be able to bring a claim for financial compensation. 

Does Iowa Allow Motorcycle Lane-Splitting?

No. Iowa does not allow motorcycle lane-splitting. It is considered illegal to drive a motorcycle between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines of cars. Riders must adhere to the same traffic laws as other motor vehicles—meaning they must occupy a single lane. 

Does Iowa Require Motorcycle Helmets?

Iowa does not have a universal motorcycle helmet law for all riders. Only those under 18 are required to wear a helmet while operating or riding a motorcycle. While helmets are not mandatory for all riders, they are highly recommended for safety reasons. The data is clear: Motorcycle helmets dramatically reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). They can save lives. 

How the Iowa Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Ball, Kirk & Holm Can Help

Hurt in a motorcycle crash? You need a top-tier attorney on your side. At Ball, Kirk & Holm, P.C., we are proud to provide proactive, personalized, and results-driven legal advocacy for motorcycle accident victims and their families. Our firm is available 24/7 and we are available to travel to meet you no matter where you reside in Iowa. Along with other things, our Iowa motorcycle accident lawyers are prepared to: 

  • Hear what you have to say and answer legal questions; 
  • Investigate your motorcycle crash—gathering evidence; 
  • Represent you in settlement negotiations; and
  • Take action to help you secure the maximum compensation.  

We are Committed to Getting Results in Motorcycle Accident Claims in Iowa

Our fundamental mission is to help injured victims secure the absolute maximum financial compensation. Motorcyclists deserve justice after a serious crash. We have what it takes to get results. Our firm has a proven record of successful case results across a wide range of accident and injury claims in Iowa. We recently secured a $200,000 settlement on behalf of the victim of a motorcycle collision in Iowa.  

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Top-Tier Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

At Ball, Kirk & Holm, P.C., our Iowa motorcycle crash attorneys are aggressive, effective advocates who have the specialized skills and experience that injured victims can trust. Contact us today to set up your free, no strings attached initial consultation. With law offices in Iowa City and Waterloo, we are standing by 24/7 and we are ready to travel to meet injured motorcyclists throughout Iowa.

Contact us today for a free consultation by filling out our contact form or calling (319) 220-0416.

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