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Teenage drivers have many risk factors for car wrecks

The summer months are often busy on the roads in Iowa. The uptick in traffic can be very dangerous. One significant hazard, especially within the city, is teenage drivers. Some of these drivers have just gotten their driver's licenses and don't have the wherewithal to handle some of the driving duties that come with operating a vehicle on busy streets.

There are many reasons besides inexperience that can lead to accidents caused by teen drivers. Understanding these risks might help parents to ensure their new drivers are taking steps to remain safe. It can also help the public to realize some important points about these drivers.

Top 5 causes of distracted driving

Many people consider distracted driving the single biggest problem facing drivers on the road today. That spot used to go to drunk driving, which is still a serious issue, but you now have a lot of distracted drivers who make the same mistakes: running red lights, drifting into oncoming traffic, not stopping in time, not reacting to traffic ahead of them and much more.

In order to really understand how and why distracted driving got this bad, you need to consider some of the top causes of distraction in the car. Here are five of them:

6 ways you can decrease your risk of a car wreck

Have you ever driven through Waterloo on your way to work or to the supermarket and had to dodge another vehicle that didn't yield the right-of-way or ran a red a light? If the answer to this question is yes, you are not alone. Car accidents happen all over the city and even the country every day. If you have not been in a car accident yet, you may be wondering if your luck will one day run out.

Fortunately, avoiding a car accident doesn't solely require luck. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe on the road.

Prenatal care and medical malpractice

Prenatal care is the type of medical assistance that a woman begins when she is pregnant. Expectant women usually begin prenatal care as soon as they learn that they are pregnant, and starting this process as early as possible tends to prevent health risks.

Prenatal care has an educational purpose and a health management purpose. Medical professionals have the duty to advise a pregnant woman about medications they should avoid, as well as the importance of avoiding alcohol, smoking and drugs for the duration of the pregnancy. They will also monitor other conditions and take precautions to manage them.

Are you ready for the start of motorcycle season?

If you don't personally drive a motorcycle, you likely spend very little time thinking about their presence on the road. However, with the warmer seasons quickly changing road conditions here in Iowa, it won't be long before seasonal motorcyclists take to the streets. After storing their bikes all winter, most motorcycle riders are anxious to get back on the road again.

Even if you never intend to ride any kind of motorcycle, you need to remind yourself of their presence on the road. Doing so can help keep you as well as the people on the motorcycles in traffic safer. You can't just assume that you will notice a motorcycle if you cross paths with it. Instead, you need to proactively stay on the lookout.

Taking action after an injury on vacation

When you have worked hard all year, it is likely that you have saved money for a great vacation with your family and friends. Naturally, you will have been looking forward to having a relaxing time and sharing exciting experiences.

Even if you took out travel insurance, it is unlikely that getting injured while on vacation will have been on your mind. However, unfortunately, accidents can happen wherever you are in the world. If you had to seek medical attention as a result of your accident while on vacation in Iowa or elsewhere, it is likely that you were subject to significant medical bills. In addition, you will have experienced a great deal of pain and suffering at a time when you should have been enjoying yourself.

When does a liability waiver from a dangerous sport not matter?

The desire for excitement and adventure is common in humans of all ages. However, kids, teenagers and young adults are the most susceptible to the allure of dangerous activities. Many modern businesses seek to capitalize on that enjoyment of danger by offering a thrilling or exciting experience to customers or visitors.

In some scenarios, such as a visit to an amusement park, each attraction is subject to careful scrutiny during engineering and is therefore widely recognized as safe. In other environments, the adventure may come at greater risk to the participants. Skiing or snowboarding, parasailing, rock climbing and trampoline park visits are all examples of activities that are both fun and incredibly dangerous.

Taking action after an injury at a climbing center

Bouldering and indoor climbing can be great activities for families. It is an opportunity to get active with your loved ones and try something new. When you learn to climb, you will probably be doing so with the help of an instructor in a center. The instructor has the responsibility to ensure that all parties are kept safe at all times, and that the correct equipment is used.

Bouldering difficulties are rated at differing stages, and it is important that all those learning to boulder do so at the appropriate stage for them. Instructors need to warn all those participating in any form of rock climbing or abseiling the dangers of the activity. If you or your child has been injured while at a climbing center, you may want to consider taking action to gain the compensation that you deserve for the injury.

Making a medical malpractice claim after plastic surgery

If you have recently undergone plastic surgery that resulted in complications, you may be wondering whether you can take action as a consequence of the upsetting experience. All medical professionals have the legal duty to treat you with competence and care. If you feel that your treatment fell short of this mark, you may be able to successfully file a medical malpractice claim.

Many types of surgeries can count as plastic surgeries, from rhinoplasty and breast augmentation to skin peels and laser hair removal. It is important that prospective patients do their due diligence in selecting a surgeon whom they feel they can work with and who understands their needs before moving forward.

The differing forms of medical malpractice

Medical professionals in Iowa have a high duty of care toward their patients. The actions of doctors, nurses and surgeons can affect a person's life indefinitely, therefore, they must always act with complete competence. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes occur in the medical field, just as in any other profession. While some of these mistakes could not have been prevented by even the most experienced of doctors, other mistakes may be seen as negligent. They could be subject to a medical malpractice claim.

If you have suffered as a result of what you believe to be a medical professional's negligent actions, you may want to consider taking action. If you want to do this, it is important to understand the different categories that medical malpractice lawsuits tend to fall into, so that you can learn whether your situation might qualify.

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