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How to Find the Right Des Moines Personal Injury Attorney 

Were you hurt in a bad accident in Des Moines? It is imperative that you are able to access the full compensation that you need to pay your bills and support your family. Personal injury claims are complicated. The reality is that defendants and insurers are not on your side. The right professional representation can make the difference. Within this blog post, our Des Moines personal injury attorney highlights some key principles for finding the right lawyer for your case. 

Five Qualities to Look for in a Des Moines Personal Injury Lawyer 

Personal injury claims are challenging. It is normal to have a ton of questions after a bad accident in Des Moines. You do not have to take on a big corporation or a large insurance company on your own. How do you find the best Des Moines personal injury lawyer? Here are five qualities that you should look for in a personal injury attorney in Des Moines: 

  1. Experience is Essential: Experience matters. You should always look for a Des Moines personal injury attorney who has experience navigating personal injury claims in Iowa. Not only will an experienced Des Moines personal injury lawyer have a deep understanding of the laws and procedures that pertain to personal injury cases in Iowa, he or she will have also handled numerous cases. It is best to look for a Des Moines personal injury lawyer who has taken on legal cases similar to your own. For example, if you were hurt in a car crash in Des Moines, it is crucial that you find a lawyer who has represented auto accident victims. 
  2. A Local Connection to Des Moines: Hiring a lawyer with a strong local connection to Des Moines offers several advantages. Some of the large national law firms that you see advertising on television do not have connections to the area. They refer their cases out. A local attorney can make the difference. At Ball, Kirk & Holm, P.C., we are always prepared to travel directly to you in Des Moines. We are prepared to go to the accident scene and our attorneys can meet you in the location that is comfortable and convenient for your situation.  
  3. Transparent Communication: Communication matters. Your relationship with your attorney must be built on a foundation of open, honest, and transparent communication. You need a Des Moines personal injury lawyer who will provide an honest, straightforward assessment about the state of your case. Your Des Moines personal injury lawyer should be clear about every aspect of your case, including the legal strategy, the progress of your case, and the realistic outcomes. The ability to discuss openly and receive timely updates will provide you with a sense of control and assurance during a potentially stressful time
  4. Results are the Top Priority: For injured victims, nothing is more important than results. Following a bad accident in Des Moines, you need compensation to cover your damages, pay bills, and provide support to your family. At Ball, Kirk & Holm, P.C., we have a proven record of successful case results. Your lawyer develops a comprehensive strategy focused on helping you achieve the best possible outcome given the specific circumstances of your case. 
  5. You Need the Right Personality Fit: The importance of the personality fit between you and your Des Moines personal attorney cannot be overstated. The reality of the legal process is that it can be lengthy and emotionally draining. It is crucial that you feel comfortable working with your lawyer. Your advocate should be someone who is empathetic, supportive, and patient, yet assertive when it comes to defending your rights. They should make you feel confident in their abilities and comfortable in their approach to handling your case. 
  6. A Commitment to Personalized Representation: Proper legal representation from a personal injury lawyer requires time and resources on their part. Even the best personal injury lawyer in Des Moines would not be right for your case if they are not in a position to provide detail-driven guidance and support. Every personal injury case is unique, with its own set of circumstances, challenges, and implications. The right Des Moines personal injury lawyer is one who recognizes this and tailors their approach to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. Personalized representation involves taking the time to understand the nuances of your case.

Take a Proactive Approach: You Need an Attorney as Soon as Possible

You do not want to fall behind in the personal injury claims process. In Iowa, there is a two year statute of limitations for most personal injury cases (Iowa Code § 614.1(2)). While that may seem like plenty of time to take legal action, you can always benefit from initiating your case as soon as possible after a bad accident. The sooner you have a top-tier Des Moines personal injury attorney by your side, the better positioned you will be to secure justice and the maximum financial support. 

Dealing with an insurance company after an accident is never easy. Indeed, the insurance carriers are not on your side—they put their own bottom line above your best interests. Before you provide any recorded statement to an insurance adjuster, you should consult with an experienced Des Moines personal injury lawyer. Your attorney can help build your case and help you navigate the complexities of the legal claims process. 

Contact Our Des Moines, IA Personal Injury Lawyer for Immediate Help 

At Ball, Kirk & Holm, P.C., our Des Moines personal injury lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and tenacity that you can rely on when it matters most. No matter the circumstances of your case, we are ready to come directly to you to provide top-tier legal representation. Call us now or contact us online for your free initial case review. Our personal injury attorneys fight for the rights of injured victims in Des Moines, Des Moines County, and all throughout the entire region.