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How Do I Find a Good Estate Planning Attorney?

How can you find an estate planning attorney who is a good fit for your estate plan? How can you trust your chosen lawyer to progress your estate plan while focusing on your wishes and best interests? The truth is that there is a lot of subjectivism that goes into hiring an estate planning lawyer, so the legal professional who works best for one person might not be right for you based on your expectations and the details of your estate.

There are a few things you can consider when hiring an estate planning attorney, though, such as:

  • Experience: You can assume that every estate planning attorney wants to provide fantastic legal services once you hire them. But some will be better equipped to handle your case and concerns than others due to their overall experience in the field. It is the same concept as hiring a mechanic who has worked for years on your car instead of someone who just got their certification. There is just no replacing real-world experience, so finding an estate planning attorney or law firm with years of experience is generally a priority.
  • Estate size: The size of your estate could affect your decision when picking an estate planning lawyer. Some attorneys specialize in just wills and trusts, for example, so if you need more advanced tools as part of your estate plan, they might not be able to help well.
  • Rates: As it is with any good or service, price matters. An outstanding estate planning attorney might not be the right choice for you if they are simply charging too much for their services and your budget can’t afford it. Talk with your attorney about rates and attorney fees before you sign any legal service contracts.
  • Locality: It can also be beneficial to choose an estate planning that lives and works locally. Professionals who have a local connection to their clients often have a better time anticipating their needs and expectations. They are also usually easier to communicate with because they can relate to their clients better.

Looking for a trustworthy estate planning attorney in Waterloo or Iowa City, Iowa? Please call (319) 220-0416 and connect with Ball, Kirk & Holm. We would be happy to talk with you during a complimentary consultation to see if our estate planning attorneys are the right fit for your case. If we aren’t, then we might be able to refer you to another law firm that we think could help. If we are, then we can talk about what to do next to get your estate plan moving!