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The Key Signs of Emotional Trauma After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident, whether minor or severe, can have the potential to affect a person for years to come. Physical injuries may require that an injured person undergoes an operation or a course of physical therapy. While not visible, emotional injuries can be equally as pervasive as physical injuries and can change the way that an injured person looks at the world for a long time.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident and are suffering emotionally as a result, medical attention must be sought. The affected person may benefit from undergoing therapy or counseling. Additionally, taking legal action could enable damages to compensate for the pain and suffering that the accident caused. The following are some of the most common signs of emotional trauma after a car accident.


Those who experienced trauma during a car accident may have constant flashbacks after the event. In particular, they may struggle to get certain images out of their mind when they go to sleep, and they may not be able to concentrate because of the intrusive thoughts that they are experiencing.


After a traumatic car accident, many people find that they experience symptoms of depression. This can be because they are having difficulty processing the events that took place. They may have interrupted sleep patterns, no longer enjoy the activities that they used to, or no longer want to socialize.

Worry and unexplainable fear

It’s common for car accident victims to feel a constant level of anxiety, worry, or stress after an accident. They may feel that they are unable to relax, or worry about what could happen when they do simple things like leave their home or go grocery shopping.


Trauma can easily lead to phobias. For example, a person involved in a car accident may avoid traveling in a car after the accident. They may associate a great deal of fear concerning this activity and believe that it is dangerous. Over time, it may turn into a phobia.

To effectively overcome trauma, those affected should undergo therapy or counseling. By taking legal action to gain damages after a car accident, the compensation received should be more than enough to cover these types of expenses.

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