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Teenage Drivers Have Many Risk Factors for Car Wrecks

The summer months are often busy on the roads in Iowa. The uptick in traffic can be very dangerous. One significant hazard, especially within the city, is teenage drivers. Some of these drivers have just gotten their driver’s licenses and don’t have the wherewithal to handle some of the driving duties that come with operating a vehicle on busy streets.

There are many reasons besides inexperience that can lead to accidents caused by teen drivers. Understanding these risks might help parents to ensure their new drivers are taking steps to remain safe. It can also help the public to realize some important points about these drivers.

Risks groups and factors

There are certain groups that have an increase in the chance that they will be involved in a wreck. A teen driver with passengers in the same age group is more likely to cause a crash. The more teen passengers, the bigger the risk. This is one reason why graduated driver’s licenses can help public safety. Drivers who don’t have full driving privileges have a limit to the number of passengers they can have in the vehicle unless there in an adult present.

Another risk factor is being male. When it comes to fatal crashes, male drivers who are 16 to 19 are twice as likely to die in an accident than females who are the same age.

Age is also a risk factor. Per mile driven, the fatal wreck rate is almost twice as high for drivers who are 16 or 17 than it is for those who are 18 or 19. The risk is the highest within the first month after the teen gets their driver’s license.

The majority of teen crash fatalities occur on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Most are from 3 in the afternoon until midnight. Speeding and following too closely are big issues in many wrecks that involve teen drivers. Failing to put on seat belts also contributes to the number of fatalities when a teen driver crashes because many high school students don’t put one on when they are riding in a vehicle.

When a crash occurs

It is important to remember that a car wreck with a teen driver should be handled the same way as a crash with any other driver. Contact the police and get medical care if needed. If your injuries are considerable, you might have hefty damages associated with them. You may opt to seek compensation for the wreck so that you can reduce the financial burden you have because of it.