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5 Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is a risk. Nothing guarantees you won’t get into an accident. If you have been riding for a while, you probably understand that risk better than most. Even if you haven’t gotten hit yet, you have seen how other drivers cause near-misses and make critical mistakes.

Even so, understanding how accidents happen may help you prepare yourself mentally to avoid them. You may see the signs early and take evasive action. It can help. With that in mind, here are five common types of crashes:

1. Someone else causes a pile-up in the rain

A slick road is a risk, and not just if you lose control. You probably spend a lot of time with other riders. If even one of the slides on the wet pavement, it can quickly cause a chain-reaction crash. You always need to slow down in less-than-ideal weather.

2. A driver pulls out in front of you

Odds are they never saw you. They just got to the end of the driveway or the edge of the parking lot and pulled into the road. You never want to assume they know you’re coming. A lot of drivers just look for other cars and motorcycles simply don’t register.

3. A driver turns left

This is similar to the above, in that the driver never sees you. They make that left turn and wind up right in your lane, perpendicular to your bike. When it happens with almost no room between the two of you, your bike slams into the car at full speed. It’s one of the most dangerous accidents with the highest odds of fatal injuries.

4. Someone opens their car door into your path

Cyclists often face this same risk, but it’s perhaps greater for you since you’re going much faster. People almost never check behind the car when opening the door after parallel parking. If you’re close to the car — but still legally in your lane — you can get “doored” and thrown from the bike.

5. Someone doesn’t stop and hits you at a stop sign

Few things strike as much fear into the heart of a motorcyclist as looking in the mirror at a stop sign or a red light and seeing a car flying up behind them. Where do you go? It’s nearly impossible to avoid this type of rear-end accident.

Serious injuries

Anyone of these accidents can lead to some serious injuries and high medical bills — along with other costs. You need to know what options you have in Iowa. Do not speak to the insurance companies — speak with a lawyer.