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Making a Medical Malpractice Claim After Plastic Surgery

If you have recently undergone plastic surgery that resulted in complications, you may be wondering whether you can take action as a consequence of the upsetting experience. All medical professionals have the legal duty to treat you with competence and care. If you feel that your treatment fell short of this mark, you may be able to successfully file a medical malpractice claim.

Many types of surgeries can count as plastic surgeries, from rhinoplasty and breast augmentation to skin peels and laser hair removal. It is important that prospective patients do their due diligence in selecting a surgeon whom they feel they can work with and who understands their needs before moving forward.

What kinds of plastic surgery incidents and experiences can count as medical malpractice?

In plastic surgeries, just as in any other type of surgery, complications can arise if an anesthesia error is made. If too much or too little anesthesia is administered, the patient’s life can be in danger, and they can also potentially suffer an unnecessary amount of pain. Anesthesia errors are generally inexcusable and tend to point to incompetence or negligence.

One common issue that arises in plastic surgery cases is when the patient was not informed of the possible consequences of the surgery. When this happens, it can mean that the surgeon failed in gaining informed consent, because the patient was not, in fact, fully informed. When this happens and the patient suffers a complication, they may be able to take action against the surgeon for their failure to explain the risks involved.

Finally, issues can also arise regarding the aesthetic outcome of the surgery. The surgeon may deem the procedure a success. However, the patient may not be happy with the way they look, after healing has set in. This could lead to much emotional distress and mental health problems, as well as costs relating to corrective surgery.

It is important that you do not suffer in silence if you have had a bad experience with plastic surgery. Make sure that you understand how medical malpractice claims work in Iowa and research the law before taking action.

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