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The Top 3 Reasons You Need a Lawyer to Help With Insurance Claims

Insurance can protect you in times when you face financial uncertainty. It makes sense then that so many people instinctively contact their insurance company after an accident or injury. While letting your insurance company know that you must file a claim is a smart move, they may not be the first people you should call.

In order to ensure that the company pays as they should for the policy you own, you may need legal assistance from an attorney. If working with an attorney to secure the compensation you need when you file an insurance claim seems unnecessarily contentious, you may have an unrealistic expectation of how your insurer will handle the process.

There are many reasons to work with an attorney when you need to file a major insurance claim. These top three should be enough to convince just about anyone to look into legal representation.

An attorney helps you avoid unnecessary mistakes

Your policy is a binding contract. In order to obtain the coverage you have paid for, you must comply with the terms of your policy. This may mean you need to file your claim within a certain number of days or that there are other special forms of documentation you must complete.

It is difficult for a layperson to read through complex insurance policy documents. You could make a mistake that costs you thousands of dollars. Your attorney can review everything and help you avoid making the kind of mistakes that could impact how much of your claim gets paid.

Attorneys understand what injuries are really worth

It can be difficult to adequately estimate the cost of an injury. It’s all too easy to overlook future expenses that may not seem obvious to you.

Your attorney likely has experience working with someone who has suffered a similar injury. They can help you come up with a reasonable cost estimate which will be useful when dealing with the insurance company.

Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf

Any negotiating is a difficult task, even if all you need to negotiate is the price of a second-hand grill you want to buy from Craigslist. When you are trying to battle your insurance company to cover your medical costs or the replacement cost of your vehicle after an injury or accident, the process can be downright intimidating.

Thankfully, lawyers negotiate for a living. You should be able to depend on your attorney to negotiate with your insurer on your behalf. Because they understand what your case is really worth, your attorney should be able to press for a fair compromise between you as the insured party and the company that provides your policy.

Attempting to handle a large insurance claim without an attorney may be a mistake. You could find yourself denied coverage or forced into accepting a settlement offer that is much lower than the cost of your injuries. Hiring an attorney helps by ensuring there is someone looking out for your best interests.