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The Hidden Dangers in Movie Theaters

It’s true that injuries can occur anywhere and everywhere, and it can be difficult to effectively predict and avoid them. When you are in your own home, you are responsible for keeping yourself and your family out of harm’s way by maintaining safe premises. However, if you are on public premises such as in a shopping mall or a movie theater, you do not have this level of control.

This is why premises owners have the legal responsibility to keep their visitors reasonably safe from harm. This means that they must do what is reasonably necessary in order to assess and mitigate safety hazards. This includes properly maintaining equipment, actively managing safety, and fixing issues as soon as possible.

What are the dangers of movie theaters?

Movie theaters are a great place to visit with family and friends for a relaxing evening. It’s not a place that you would expect to be injured. However, unfortunately, dangers can present themselves because of the unique conditions of movie theaters.

For example, movie theaters require that movies be screened in low lighting. If you have to get up while the movie is playing to use the restroom or buy more refreshments, you will have to navigate the low-lit stairs.

In a safe movie theater, there will be luminous strips or lighting to illuminate the path for safer navigation. However, if the movie theater fails to implement these safety precautions, a person may fall and injure themselves. It is likely that this person would be able to make a personal injury liability claim.

In addition, spilled drinks that are not cleaned up in a timely manner can lead to injuries due to slips and falls. Other injuries can be caused by drinks being served too hot. Many people scold themselves when navigating poorly lit steps with extremely hot drinks.

How do I know if I have a legal claim?

If you have been injured at a movie theatre, it is important that you take the time to consider how the movie theater could have prevented your accident. If you believe that the accident was highly preventable, you may want to consider taking action.