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Injuries and Lack of Insurance in an Iowa Car Accident

It is mandatory for all drivers in the state of Iowa to carry car insurance, as outlined in the Financial and Safety Responsibility Act of Iowa. If you fail to insure yourself to an adequate degree, you will be liable for certain consequences if you are found to be driving without insurance or if you are involved in an accident without insurance.

If you have been involved in an accident and you are not sufficiently insured, it is important that you take the time to understand the laws in the state of Iowa and how you should move forward in order to resolve the issue.

The penalties in Iowa for driving without a license

In Iowa, the penalties that you will face for simply driving without insurance will differ from the penalties that come with being involved in an accident without insurance. If you are found to be driving without insurance, you will be subject to a fine of $250, or you may carry out community service instead. You will likely face an impoundment of your vehicle, administration fees and you will need to give proof of insurance before the reinstatement of your license.

If you are involved in a car accident as an uninsured driver in Iowa, you will be subject to a mandatory fine of $250 and will face a suspended registration for all vehicles. If the other party suffered damages of $1500 or more, you will likely face a registration suspension for 12 months. You will also need to pass a new driving exam and will have to pay a $200 civil penalty as well as administration fees.

Will an accident without insurance affect my future insurance rates?

Studies across the country have shown that insurance rates for drivers who were previously uninsured were significantly higher than for those who have clean records. It is important to always ensure yourself to avoid penalties and higher rates in the future.

If you have been involved in an Iowa accident as an uninsured driver, it is a good idea to understand the law so you can defend yourself against any charges. Contact Ball, Kirk & Holm today.