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3 Tips to Follow After Getting Into a Car Wreck

When the other vehicle hit you, your first thoughts were about missing work, not being home in time for dinner, and the frustration of what you were going through. You just want to go home and get on with your day. You have minor-to-moderate injuries, your vehicle is totaled and all you want to do is to avoid the hassle. You’re not alone. Lots of people feel that way.

After an accident, your focus has to be on your health. Although you may struggle to get back to work or have concerns about the state of your vehicle or property, those issues can wait. The most vital thing to remember after a crash is that your safety and health come first. Here are three tips to follow after you suffer an injury.

1. Get medical help

It’s hectic after a serious crash, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time trying to talk to others or that you should shrug off your injuries because they aren’t as severe as some other people’s maybe. No matter how bad or good you feel, get medical help. Many symptoms of injuries emerge after your adrenaline dies down, and you want to be in a hospital if and when that happens. Whether it’s bruising and soreness or you suddenly realize you’ve lost a lot of blood, medical care is essential.

2. Collect important documents

While you’re in the hospital or after you’re discharged, try to keep track of all your important paperwork. Get a copy of the police report, and keep your medical bills and other documents on hand. You’ll need these for your attorney and to make a claim for your expenses and losses.

3. Don’t take the first settlement offer

When the insurance company reaches out to you, it may offer you a settlement right away. Avoid taking that offer until you know the true cost of your injuries and the damage to your vehicle.

Speaking to insurance companies on your own is something you shouldn’t attempt. They may not be straightforward and could try to hide the truth about what they have the ability to pay you in a settlement. Talk to your attorney about your injuries, so you know that you have someone on your side.