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Safety Declines During the Hot Summer. Stay Safe.

On behalf of Ball, Kirk & Holm posted in blog on Thursday, June 15, 2017.

The National Safety Council and many other organizations observe National Safety Month during June. This year, the NSC is asking Americans to focus on summer safety concerns. The council says that the summer months see a spike in preventable deaths each year, with fatal accidents peaking during the months of July and August.

Many people take time off from work to travel with the kids during the summer. Motor vehicle accidents are well-known as a leading cause of preventable deaths — as well as wrongful deaths. There is a distinction between a fatal accident that is preventable and a wrongful death that is caused by the negligent actions of someone else. 

Car accidents are not the only cause of concern

Issues such as drunk driving and using a cellphone while behind the wheel are the most common examples of negligent acts that can cause a serious or fatal accident. The NSC is specifically urging drivers to steer clear of using a smartphone, even a hands-free device, as a part of this year’s National Safety Month campaign.

Notably, motor vehicle wrecks are not the only types of accidents that can cause injury or death. In recent years a variety of different types of fatal events have spiked during the hot summer months. These include slip-and-fall accidents, drowning, poisonings, deaths in fires, and people choking on objects.

Home safety is always important among families. It is not completely clear from a recent article in Safety and Health Magazine why fatal accidents or fatal incidents spike across such a diverse range. However, people are often more willing to engage in more activities when it is warm, as compared to during the cold winter months, as an Iowan may fully understand. Similarly, children at home may be exposed to hazards that may be more controlled in the school setting.

Plan to take action to discuss safety during June safety month

Observing National Safety Month with a family discussion may be a great start to helping to keep the entire family safe throughout the year. Putting away cellphones in the car, thinking deeply about the importance of defensive driving skills that are often forgotten in the years following Driver’s-Ed and other topics may be a good starting point in improving year-round safety.

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