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If You Ride a Motorcycle, Watch Out for These Hazards

Riding a motorcycle in Waterloo, or anywhere for that matter, is dangerous. But, the thrill and the freedom is part of the reason most people choose to ride a bike in the first place. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that riding a motorcycle is generally less expensive than driving a car. Unfortunately, it’s usually the people driving cars that pose the greatest threat to those who prefer two wheels instead of four.

In addition to cars, there are several other hazards that often play a significant role in motorcycle accidents. It is useful to find out about the common dangers that usually cause motorcycle crashes.

Left turning cars

Not all cars that turn left pose a danger, but the ones that turn left in front of you are the vehicles to really watch out for. The main reason why these drivers are dangerous is that when they make that turn, they probably don’t see you. Even if you are directly in the middle of the intersection, the person behind the wheel may not see you.

Gravel plus a blind corner

Blind corners are bad enough, but when you mix in gravel, things can go sideways very quickly. In fact, anything that can cause you to lose traction can make a blind turn deadly. Keep your eyes open and stay alert for materials in the road that might contribute to a wreck.

Taking a corner too fast

Taking a corner or turn too fast, even in perfect conditions, can also lead to a motorcycle accident. Since the last thing you want to do is to lay your bike over, be sure you slow down on corners and turns so that you can keep yourself safe.

Lane changers

Cars that change lanes, especially without warning or in an otherwise reckless manner, might also result in a motorcycle accident. When you are riding next to cars, try to avoid spending too much time in blind spots. In fact, it is best to simply assume that no matter where you are in reference to a car or truck — next to, in front of or behind — you are invisible to the driver.

Understanding some of the most common dangers associated with riding a motorcycle will help you avoid a crash. Unfortunately, it is not possible to avoid every accident. If you have had a motorcycle crash due to the actions of a negligent driver, you might be able to take legal action and receive compensation for your injuries and other damages.