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4 ways to avoid getting into a distracted driving crash

You like to drive, but you know that it's easy to get distracted. If you get a phone call, want to change the radio station or get into an argument with someone in the vehicle, then you might take your mind off what you're doing and end up making simple driving mistakes. Unfortunately, those mistakes could lead to serious injuries or deaths.

The good news is that there are some simple ways to prevent distracted driving from taking place. Here are four that you should consider.

The 4 top tips to avoid distracted driving

These four tips are only a few that can help you. They include simple techniques that will make you a better driver and help you stay focused on the road.

1. Get ready at home

Grooming is not something you should do while you're driving. Even if you're stopped for a red light, avoid trying to put on makeup or finishing up your grooming. Finish up at home or the office.

2. Put away your electronics

The next tip is to put away your electronics. You can put your phone in the center console or in the passenger's glove compartment. If you're prone to reaching for it despite putting it away, you can usually lock your glove box. If that doesn't work, put your bag, wallet, phone or other distractions in the trunk.

3. Make adjustments before you hit the road

If you want to change a radio station, set up Bluetooth, input an address into your GPS or do something else that takes your mind off driving, do it while you're parked. If you have to make adjustments on the road, pull over.

4. Talk to passengers before driving

Before you drive with passengers, talk to them about what you expect. Tell them how you want them to behave in your vehicle, and pull over if they are being too distracting.

These four tips are just a few ways that you can make your drive safer and make sure your eyes and mind stay focused on the road. Taking these simple tips to heart can help you get where you're going safely.

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