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Car accidents: The 4 most frequent injuries

In most car accident scenarios, no one gets hurt. The drivers and passengers had their seatbelts on, the airbags successfully deployed and -- although they are a little rattled -- everyone involved walks away from the crash unharmed.

However, many crashes are so serious that people get hurt or killed. The injuries -- whether fatal or not -- usually involve the same issues.

6 most common birth injuries

Sometimes, during the birth process, a baby can suffer an injury or trauma. In some cases, the harm is unavoidable but, in others, the injuries are due to doctor negligence. In addition, birth injuries can range from mild to severe and have life-long consequences. Birth trauma can happen when the birth process is difficult, the child is above average in size, or the baby is in a less than optimal position.

Some of the conditions that can lead to a birth injury include premature birth, the mother's pelvis is too small for a natural birth, prolonged labor and a breech birth. To learn more about the most common birth injuries, read further.

Top 5 types of car accidents

Car accidents happen every day and for many reasons. You may have even already been involved in an accident while driving through Waterloo on your daily commute. While experience behind the wheel will help you avoid accidents, so will knowing what kinds of accidents are most common and how you can avoid them.

The following information can help you and your family to avoid becoming victims of a motor vehicle accident. Read below for a description of common car collisions and tips to stay safe.

Do you know why truck accidents happen in Iowa?

If you spend time on the roadways throughout the state of Iowa and everywhere else in the world, you obviously know that there are always trucks in close proximity to your vehicle.

While proximity to giant trucks is unavoidable, you need to keep something in mind: Truckers don't always take the safest approach as they make their way down the highway.

3 ways to protect yourself on a motorcycle

Motorcycle crashes can be devastating, particularly if there is a larger motor vehicle involved. It only takes a momentary mistake by another driver for an accident to happen. People may fail to notice your motorcycle and merge or turn into your lane. While the people in the vehicle aren't very likely to get hurt, you could get thrown from your motorcycle or even run over by a vehicle.

The summer is a great time to get your motorcycle out. It's also the time of year when accident rates tend to go up. Taking a few extra steps to ensure you are safe on your motorcycle may reduce your risk of a serious crash.

Medical mistakes can end up costing patients significantly

When you seek out medical care, typically you place a lot of trust in your doctor and nurses. You trust their decisions, their knowledge and their experience. Unfortunately, medical professionals make mistakes, just like everyone else. Sometimes, they're small with minimal negative impact. Other times, what seems like a minor mistake can have catastrophic results for the patient involved.

That's why most doctors carry medical malpractice insurance. These policies protect doctors and medical facilities from financial liability when mistakes cause serious injuries for patients.

The looming threat of a commercial vehicle accident

Driving comes with an acceptance of some risk. You know when you get into a vehicle, either as the driver or the passenger, that there's always the potential for an accident. Someone could run a stop sign or a red light. An issue with the vehicle could cause an accident. Sometimes even inclement weather could contribute to a crash.

Most accidents end up being minor incidents, but sometimes crashes result in serious injury or even in death. When there's a discrepancy in the size, weight or speed of the two vehicles, the potential for severe injuries or worse increase.

Iowa does not rank well in terms of safety

Midwestern values, a solid educational system and the strength of the health care system in Iowa are often included as reasons why people enjoy the Hawkeye State. US News ranks Iowa as the sixth best state to live based upon an evaluation of more than 60 different metrics. CNN recently ranked Iowa in the top for among the states for raising children.

Iowa gets low grades for overall safety

Safety declines during the hot summer. Stay safe.

The National Safety Council and many other organizations observe National Safety Month during June. This year, the NSC is asking Americans to focus on summer safety concerns. The council says that the summer months see a spike in preventable deaths each year, with fatal accidents peaking during the months of July and August.

Many people take time-off from work to travel with the kids during the summer. Motor vehicle accidents are well-known as a leading cause of preventable deaths -- as well as wrongful deaths. There is a distinction between a fatal accident that is preventable and a wrongful death that is caused by the negligent act of someone else. 

Six important steps to take after a car accident

Car accidents occur without any real warning. In the blink of an eye, many people across Iowa suffer serious injuries in wrecks. The experience is traumatic and the scene in the immediate aftermath is often chaotic. Because nobody plans on being in a crash, most people do not know what to do after being in a wreck. For that reason, we have compiled a short (and non-exhaustive) list of the top 6 things to do after an accident.

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